100 years FFK

In 2021 FFK celebrates 100 years of football by honoring the past and preparing for the future by creating a football landscape for all men, women, and youth teams.
The first club in curacao in 1909, established when the island had 25,000 inhabitants.

In 1909 the first football club was established on Curacao, then counting about 25.000 inhabitants, established in 1909, CVV Republic (). 
Young people who had spent time in the Netherlands for study and had started playing football and taken a liking to the game united in CVV Republic. At the time there were no soccer fields on Curacao and the first match between CVV Republic and a team of marines took place in the garden of the church of Sta. Famia. As a matter of fact the Friars, who also ran the schools, played an important role in the early stages of soccer development as they propagated the sport and also organized volunteers to clean and prepare the first fields in Skalo and Mundo.

The Curaçao Football Federation (Curaçaose Voetbal Bond) CVB was established in 1921.

In 1921 the football federation CVB (Curacaose Voetbal Bond) was established and in August that year the CVB organized the first Curacao Championship with eight participating clubs.

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