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2017-05-20 S.V. V.E.S.T.A. U-1... Club logo of S.V. V.E.S.T.A. U-11 ? - ? Club logo of S.V. NEW SONG U-11 S.V. NEW SONG U-11
2017-05-20 S.V. EXCELLENCE U-1... Club logo of S.V. EXCELLENCE U-11 A ? - ? Club logo of S.V. S.U.B.T. U-11 S.V. S.U.B.T. U-11
2017-05-20 S.V. VICTORY BOYS U... Club logo of S.V. VICTORY BOYS U-11 2 - 5 Club logo of FC STALLIONS FC STALLIONS
2017-05-20 S.C. ATLETIKO SALIN... Club logo of S.C. ATLETIKO SALINJA U-11 A 3 - 3 Club logo of INTER WILLEMSTAD U-11 A INTER WILLEMSTAD U-...
2017-05-13 F.C. Sithoc-Marchen... Club logo of F.C. Sithoc-Marchena U-11 1 - 0 Club logo of S.V. CENTRO HUBENIL MAHUMA U-11 S.V. CENTRO HUBENIL...

Top scorers

Player Club Tot.
Riqueby Naftali Natanaël FLORENTINA S.V. V.E.S.T.A. U-11 25
Jursen Ewan Aristide ORTELA S.V. V.E.S.T.A. U-11 12
Qushonik Juranschkly ALEXANDER S.V. S.U.B.T. U-11 12
Kevin Benjamin HATO S.V. S.U.B.T. U-11 11
Cristian Antonio Alejandro POP C.R.K.S.V. JONG HOLLAND 10
Luigi J. INESIA F.C. Sithoc-Marchena U-11 9
2016 football prizes

2016 football prizes

The winners of the prizes of the 2016 season

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FIFA Live your Goals Festival

Saturday August 30 – The kick off of the Live Your Goals Curacao campaign with a Football Festival for Girls. About 235 girls U-13 had inscribed through their schools and in the early morning hours of this Saturday morning, school busses picked them up at school to transport the girls to th...

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Liga Lito kicks off

NEWS  |  Wednesday 24 May, 2017
Liga Lito kicks off

Kick-off Liga Lito Last weekend, Curacao’s youngest football players gathered on the FFK field for the First Liga Lito Tournament of the season. Liga Lito is FFK’s youth league for the age categories U-6 and U-9. On a bi-weekly basis the teams come together on Sunday morning for a tournament of small-a-side games. The focus is on fun and development, winning is part of the fun but on a one-match basis, the results are not collected or tabled. Liga Lito’s name giver Lito, the mascot of league patron Maduro and Curiel’s Bank, joined the players and the coaches for the official kick-off of the league. After ..


Schoolcompetition for girls

On April 12 the FFK School Competition for Girls U-14 began. Check for updates on our facebookpage Live Your Goals Curacao!

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Curacao goes Gold Cup in 2017!

The Curacao National Selection has classified for the final round of the Caribbean Cup 2017 in June and the the Gold Cup 2017 in July. With head coach Remko Bicentini, the team will be preparing for these unique events in the upcoming months. We will keep you posted! The Final of the Caribbean Cup will be played in Martinique and Curacao will play a knock-out match against host Martinique June 22nd. The winner of this match will play against the winner of the match Jamaica vs French Guyana, which will also be played on June 22nd. The final will be played on June 25th. #caribbeancup