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Football Development

Regarding the objectives of the FFK, the first article of the FFK statutes reads:
"To improve the game of football constantly and promote, regulate and control it throughout the territory of FFK in the light of fair play and its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programs."

In the last ten years the technical department of FFK has generated many projects and initiatives following her Long Term Development Plans. The FFK Building and Dormitory have been put to optimum use, and in the context of the FIFA Goal Projects a Training Centre and training field with artificial surface have been built. 

The main goals of football development and youth soccer can be summarized as follows:
"To create for the children the opportunity to be introduced to soccer through grassroots activities and small games, resulting in ‘soccer for a lifetime."


In the past 10 years the FFK has organized youth festivals, talent days and tournaments both centrally and in the region. The objective of these activities is to promote an interest in sports in general and football in specific in the participating youngsters. 

Grassroots festival

Each year FFK organizes a Youth Competition in six age categories (U9, U11, U13, U15, U17 and U20). Over the last years a significant growth in both youth clubs and youth players has been realized. Asof 2014, FFK organizes an A and a B category Youth Competition. For the youngest players biweekly youth tournaments for U6 and U8 are organized through the season.
Grassroots activities

School Project

At this moment FFK is implementing its School Adoption Plan for football stimulation and development. Several schools are catered with materials and soccer guidance from  a soccer coach and sports leader. The schools are provided with materials, technical support and guidance.

School project

Gender Project

In the last five years development of football for women and girls has been an important spearhead in the FFK policy. On a regular basis festivals and talent days have been organized to give young girls a taste of football. Girls interested in playing football have been stimulated  to join talent development teams. The national selections of different age categories have participated in regional Caribbean tournaments. Several coaches have attended CONCACAF and FIFA courses on women football.

Still, football is not (yet) a major sport for girls on Curacao and different age categories play in one team. One of the biggest bottlenecks is the limited amount of artificial fields on the island. Playing on gravel fields can lead to burns and scratches – a major drawback for most girls. FFK will continue its efforts in making football available for girls and women on Curacao. Currently, the FFK is implementing the School Adoption Plan for eight schools. In this project, football for girls is promoted at grassroots level, both during and after school. For the participating girls, a 5 vs 5 tournament is organized on a quarterly basis. At secondary school level, 10 girl teams participate in the school competition.

Education Program

Structural cooperation with institutions from abroad is an important condition for the consistency and the continuity of the program. Those institutions and/or federations have invested heavily in research and methodology of (youth) football development and education and their experience is very valuable for FFK.

The partnership with KNVB is extremely valuable for FFK. Their experience and the information received are of big value for the further development of football on Curacao. This partnership has to be maintained as a fundamental alliance for further football development.

The FIFA technical support to MA’s is another important tool  for the FFK. The support through education programs for different disciplines with the supply of materials, video information and knowledge contribute greatly to a wide interchange of innovative information and technical support.

In the last 10 years many courses have been provided in many fields and at different levels. Also, representatives of FFK participated in FIFA courses abroad.

For the coming years FFK strives to structurally plan the education of coaches and leaders with yearly courses for different certification levels. This certification program must meet the current needs from grassroots level coaches up to competitive level coaches for the different disciplines. The FFK has to formalize three level of coach certification: a basic grassroots level, a basic coach level 3 and an advance level 2 for technical staff.

2011 FIFA courses Beach Football and Women Coach

Curacao Soccer Academy

In February 2012 Curacao Soccer Academy, a cooperation between FFK and Fundashon Bon Intenshon, opened its door for two selections of 18 talented youth players, U-11 and U-13. In August 2012 a third selection, U-10,  was added to CSA. The youth players were selected during special talent days, clubs could sent their most promising players to participate.

The staff involved in this projects is responsible for the proper coaching of the talents related to the standards and criteria of their age. The CSA vision focuses on the basic principles of football for the relevant age categories and capabilities. Professional support and guidance with their school tasks and studies are others important priorities to comply with.

The CSA-project is a follow-up of a FFK regional program based on extra training  with a specific target group for high performance results  for that specific group, supported by club trainers from the regions. The project was projected for the categories U-11 and the U-13. Now this project is now structured and centralized in the new CSA project for talented players U-11, U-13 and U-15. The current program of the CSA is set up in the same spirit and philosophy to concentrate talented players together with a high performance approach to help the players get to a higher level.


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