About FFK

About FFK

The FFK was founded in 1921 as the association responsible for organized football in Curacao.
It’s main objectives are:

"To improve the game of football constantly and promote, regulate and control it throughout the territory of FFK in the light of fair play and its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programs."


"To organize competitions in Association Football in all its forms at national level."

(extract from Statutes – click link for complete statutes in PDF: Statutes FFK )

The highest level of football competition on Curacao is the First Division. Other competition levels are Second Division, Third Division, Reserve Division, Women, Youth, Futsal and Beach Football.

In the last 10 years thanks to FIFA-support and Goal Projects many aspects of football have been professionalized. With the Long Term Development Plans projects in the field of grassroots, women football, education and managerial skills projects have been realized. For further information cllik on the link Football Development.

As a member of FIFA, CONCACAF and CFU the Curacao national selections participate in regional and international tournaments and competitions in all categories.

The governing body of the Curacao Football Federation is the board, elected by the members of the federation.

FFK Board Members

  Jean Francisca - President
  Eric Fraay - Vice-President


Alexander Molina
Etienne Rosario
Ebel Scharbaai
Sherman Ignacius
Hubert Isenia
Shaheen Elhage

Stanley Coffy - 2nd Vice-President
























Office personnel

General secretary : Franklin Mathilda
Technical director

: Etienne Siliee



: Amarylis Lacroes
: George de Windt

: Liviena Rijnschot



Contact information

Federashon Futbol Curacao (FFK)
Curacao Football Federation (CFF)
+5 999 736 5040
+5 999 736 5042
+5 999 736 5047
Bonamweg 49 nst SDK, Willemstad, Curaçao
P.O. Box 341, Curacao
Route to FFK